Folding@home breaking xorg

I have been running folding@home and have gotten it to work with my RX 5500 XT. The only problem I have now is that if I have to reboot Xorg doesn't load if the fah user is still in the video group, so I have to remove the fah user before rebooting.

In the arch wiki it says:

NOTE: to use your graphics card for this task the fah user has to be in the required group(video). But doing this will also cause the foldingathome service to start before Xorg and breaking it in the process.

But it doesn't provide any ways to solve the issue. It's kinda a hassle to have to remove and add the fah user to the video user group. I have disabled the foldingathome.service, then I have to manually start it after logging in.

There has to be a way to have this all automated, any suggestions?

I modified the systemd - service for fah to start after graphical target :wink:

I installed FAH from AUR and did not have to change any adjustments for USER or permissions.
To start FAH I run the following command followd by the sudo password
systemctl start foldingathome.service

Is this wrong?

Is there a Manjaro FAH team?
What is the team number?

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I added to the After line in my service file

Description=Folding@home distributed computing client

Hopefully that is what you were meaning. :wink:

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