Folders with "X" on the bottom left and jpg images not opening

Hello again everyone,

I am retiring the Mac pro due to mould damage in the previous premises and I am in the process of transferring files onto this computer.

On this computer, I am running Gnome. When I plug in the External HDD, I can find all files & folders. However some folders have the X on the bottom, and the thumbnails of many files look like two mountains (I am guessing) on Manjaro’s native colour.

Can you advise on how I can fix this issue please.

Thank you in advance

If I understand correctly, you are trying to browse the Mac format HDD as an external drive?

The (x) on a folder means you don’t have permission to open it. Because it belongs to your Mac user account. You should be able to open it if you right-click & choose ‘open as administrator’ you will be asked for your Manjaro password.

Alias’s (symlinks) created on your mac wont work at all, but they will show up as files. You’ll have to ignore them.

The 2 mountains icon, I am not sure about. I think the mountains may be an image without a thumbnail, or perhaps a file type that is unknown to Manjaro.
You could right-click the file & choose ‘properties’ it might give you a clue to the type of file.
If its an image this will resolve itself after the files are copied over.

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Many thanks for this.