Fn+Fnlock stopped working a couple updates ago

I have a Thinkpad T495 and a Trackpoint Keyboard II, which I’m using through the USB dongle on Manjaro, on kernel 6.7. A couple updates ago (not sure which kernel/system update triggered it, unfortunately), the fn+fnlock combination on my external keyboard stopped working - it still works on my laptop and I’m still able to use Fn+function keys to access sound control and so on. I noticed @rodrigoaguilera reported the same issue in a thread on a different topic and said it started with 6.5. Is anyone else experiencing this and / or has a workaround?

For context, sudo showkey shows code 465 when I press Fn+Fnlock.

Hi @krzys,

Maybe. If, as is possible, it started with kernel 6.5 as you said is possible, you could try a different, earlier kernel version. Try 6.1, it’ll be maintained for qui8te some time:

  • Install it with:
    sudo mhwd-kernnel --install linux61

Boot into that:

All available kernels installed on your system will be presented upon booting up. GNU GRUB is visible with a couple of options. Choose “Advanced Options for Manjaro Linux” by using the arrow keys on your keyboard and then ↵ Enter.

On the next screen (as illustrated) are backup copies of each kernel version installed (which will also be automatically removed if or when a kernel version is deleted). To select a kernel, simply use the arrow keys to highlight the desired version, and then press ↵ Enter.

…and test.


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Thanks. Finally got around to testing - unfortunately still there on 6.1, and I am pretty sure it worked on it for me before. Which packages could be responsible for this?