Flush dns cache

I have read many articles on how to flush dns cache per curiosity, not “urgent need” but I have not found anything for manjaro… and everything I see for Linux in general doesn’t work because Systemd-resolve is not used by manjaro

don’t know whether that is a true statement or not
don’t know what is used by default

but once you know what is used
it should be easy to figure out how to have it do what you want

perhaps the resolver that is used by default
does not even do DNS caching

I use dnsmasq - it’s easy to configure NetworkManager to use it … and it does do DNS caching
and that cache can be cleared …

okey, how to see if there is caching or not?
thanks for the answer

read already, but maybe the answer to the question is up

first find out what is used as the default DNS resolver
then you can act on that information

as I said:
I don’t know what the default is …

perhaps read that thread that @jrichard326 linked to

@linux-aarhus there apparently knows what I don’t - which resolver is used by default …

openresolv was the default on my xfce installation. I switched to systemd-resolved quite awhile ago as part of a fix of a nordvpn disconnecting every 4 hours issue. NordVpn fix and switch to systemd-resolved is covered here:

The switch did not cause any issues.

but if there is no dns cache, for me it’s not a problem to mantain what manjaro has. so…

there is no DNS cache on manjaro by default, for that reason flush dns cache is a stupid question from my part

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