Flip Weather - new weather widget!

A Plasma widget inspired by the clock and weather widget on HTC’s phones and tablets
For the widget to work, you need an account at openweathermap.org (the API key is free).
This is the first release, if you find errors, please report them in the comments.
Don’t forget to rate the widget!


A very nice looking weather plasmoid. Really like the animations. I rate this one as highly, or even higher, than the old Superkaramba weather widget, Liquid Weather, that I had on my desktop many years ago.

Thank’s tor your feedback!

That looks pretty sweet. I’ll have to give it a run.

An absolutely gorgeous weather widget.
Thanks :ok_hand:

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What triggered this response was the sentence

If this a contribution targeting Manjaro - we should move it to the #contributions section.

Thanks for moving topic to right subsection (my misstake).

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