Flatpak Themes

Hi, I was trying to move from AUR to flatpaks so that I can use discovery from KDE to install packages and update them. I noticed that the apps installed using flatpaks doesnot respect the theme of the system (mouse pointers, KDE global menu, to name a few). Is there any way to rectify this? As I already mentioned I was using AUR before this and I had no issues with the themes.

[Later] Oops. You may need to check on what you need to synchronise your flatpak theme with Plasma.

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Try to install the Kvantum flatpak and configure it (source).

Actually my issue is not with the themes as such, but rather with the cursor theme and KDE global menu.

Oh, I know nothing about it, sorry. I think the cursor theme needs to be packaged in the flatpak, as for the global menu I don't know.

flatpaks are sandboxed, I don't think they will work with global menus.

In general, if system integration is a priority, native packages are probably a better choice.

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