Flatpak on /home Option

I’ve defaulted to using Flatpaks, but have been running into root file size issues. Amongst trying to solve these issues I’ve thought of asking if any of these can be a feature request.

1: Ability to import/export configs - This will allow me to move to a larger HDD and allow me to import my Mozilla browsing profile for example (~/var/app)
2: The option to install/restore flatpaks to/from the home partition (Calamares option under Flatpaks or Replace a Partition: “[ ]Flatpaks in /home”
2B: Alternatively under Pamac > Flatpak : “[ ] Use /home” symlinks to ~/flatpak
Thanks for having a feature request section, I hope this option will be considered.

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There is a tool in the AUR called konsave which can save most of your settings, but you’ll have to configure it manually — it’s documented, though.

calamares is not developed by Manjaro, although one of the Manjaro team members does work together with the calamares developers. This is therefore rather something you should request upstream.

Meanwhile, you may also want to read the following tutorial. :point_down:

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Thank you for responding,

Based on your reply, I created a feature request on the Calamares Git.

I was also able to read up on Konsave + alternatives and landed on Deja Dup w/daily backup.

Would you still consider a Pamac toggle (under Flatpak) as an option for users who would use this post install?

**Update: It looks there was a response stating they believe this might be distro specific. I included the link above due to differences in distros
A snippet of the response is:

  • IMO, this is where it belongs. The software center should allow you to choose between system flatpaks and user flatpaks. Then there would be no need to change paths or create symlinks.

I’m not sure this is necessarily a good strategy; unless you simply meant flatpak as opposed to other offerings such as appimage, or the AUR; for software unavailable via the usual repo’s.

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I think it’s mostly come down to release scheduling.
Some packages, I’ve posted as out of date on Aur for example and they’re
months without response.
I’ll also tend to use niche software & find that some software devs are more amenable to a post about releasing in Flatpak format along with whatever their preferred distro is when they may not support “for my distro”

Containers have been the one saving grace to not have to hop over to Specific OS. Obviously over time with multiple usecases we all have our reasons.

Did the reinstall using 1 partition, btrfs for subvolumes, hoping I don’t have to do the folder move anymore. (Still getting random crashes from home being btrfs, thought this would be fixed by now)

Now my only worry/hope is if re-installs will eventually introduce keep @home subvolume in the future.

I understand your motivations. Traditionally, if there was a Linux package available for any given applcation, it would likely be for Debian/Ubuntu (deb) or RHEL and dirivitives (rpm), while other distributions remain little more than an afterthought. That’s not quite as cross-platform as many software developers would indicate. Flatpak, appImage and others, at least help make software more accessible.