Flatpak installs nvidia-drivers on an AMD GPU / some lingering nvidia-packages in mhwd

The GPU in my system is from AMD, yet flatpak installs some nvidia-drivers. I thought maybe my system tells flatpak to be ready for nvidia for some reason, so I looked into installed nvidia packages.

And here are some:

  • mhwd-nvidia
  • mhwd-nvidia-390xx
  • mhwd-nvidia-470xx

Can’t remove these because mhwd-db depends on them.

Are they the reason for flatpak to install the nvidia-drivers? If so, how do I remove them without a crowbar?

These files has no correlation with flatpak - it is only for use with mhwd.

If you have no need for mhwd you are free to remove it and those packages related through dependencies.

sudo pacman -Rns mhwd mhwd-nvidia mhwd-nvidia-390xx mhwd-nvidia-470xx mhwd-db python-manjaro-sdk web-installer-url-handler manjaro-hello