Flashing an Archos 101b...is it worth it?

Hi all,
I have this (android) tablet from Archos and would like to flash it as it’s super…slow…
Any experiences here? Is it worth the fuss? Or should I just be patient with it and…let it be?

Maybe there are some custom roms out there such as LineageOS, but apparently installing Manjaro on an android device is a bit more complicated/hardly possible:

I had no hopes for an “upgrade” this huge :wink:. A stock rom would be nice. Just to get rid of the bloat. There is a lot of stuf in there I dont really want (or…trust) that may (possibly DOES, even) slow the thing down, even to a crawl at times…
I’ll try LineageOS, thanks for that :hugs:

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You probably will have to unlock the bootloader, which is a pain in the dark place on Windoze - on Linux you just need the android-tools, since android’s kernel is based on Linux.

You will have to get familiar with basic fastboot commands, provided that there is a TWRP recovery and custom roms for your device.

Xda-developers is usually a good source for information/open source software for android:

The most popular root solution for android devices:


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learing learning and…leanring! :smile_cat:
Thank you

Yeesh :grin:

Of course :roll_eyes: I yet again find out I’m dealing with a piece o’ antique… :rofl:
Honestly, I need to start making my life easier than this :wink:
Archos Xenon 101b…

If you’re feeling lucky, connect your device to your pc in bootloader mode (usually by holding power + vol-down, you could also use adb to reboot it while the device is booted and connected to your pc if adb is enabled in developer settings), and then issue sudo fastbood oem unlock in order to unlock your device… (if successful, this will hard-reset it, so make backups of important data if necessary) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Soon, maybe…