Flash Player / pepperflash Install rpi4

None of the flash player / pepperflash install packages from AUR repository compile to raspberry pi 4 target device. Could you update the packages to compile on Arch Linux ARM (64-bit).

Let me know any different way to install flash player on the device.

AUR isnt something that manjaro controls ... it is user content.

Also .. flash is dead ... I think even adobe announced it will shutter the thing some time in the next months. But it has been functionally dead for a long time now. YT for example is all html5.

You most likely would want chrom*s version anyways (pepperflash) if you really really want flash.

Yep flash plugin is dead and it seems they want to keep it that way. Even if you could get a flash in AUR to compile it will not work with the newer versions of firefox as they do not support it along with some other plugins. There was a firefox-esr that they maintained that would allow flash but it is supposed to expire with support in 2020.

Pepperflash is also not on arch-arm or manjaro-arm repos that I can find either. Also chrome is supposed to stop supporting flash all together in 2020.

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