Flameshot black and white icon in Top bar

Hi Running Manjaro Gnome. After i installed Flameshot 0.6.0-4 and launch it i get i strange icon in the top bar. Is this a know problem or is it fixable?

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I don’t run GNOME here, but I believe it’s a system tray icon for making screenshots if you click it.

Give it a try and see what it does. :slight_smile:

Trying to upload a picture but it doesn’t work.
The program work as i should but the icon is like a black and white square. Not the normal colourful icon.

Like I said, I don’t do GNOME, but you could try changing the icon theme. :thinking:

I think you are right. I did find the icon under /usr/share/icons/Papirus/16x16/panel/flameshot-tray.svg.
It is black and white and it is transparent. But in the top bar it is not transparent. it’s look like the background color for the icon is white. So something isn’t right :slight_smile:

I usually use Plasma, I guess the icon pack is different in Gnome.

Well, there are alternative icon themes you can install and test, both in the main repository and in the AUR. The default is Breath2, I think.

Maybe try one of those alternative ones? :thinking:

Good idea. I can test that. Thanks for the advice! :+1:

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An quick update. I change the desktop Layouts in Layouts Switcher to Manjaro from Unity and now the icon is normal and good looking. :star_struck:

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