Flag self-deletion of post to moderators?

So what's the consensus of this community if a user self-deletes their own question without sharing back to the community?

I.E. Instead of sharing their own research and posting a self-answer¹, they delete their post without sharing back.

Should we flag those kind of deletes for moderator attention or not?

Asking because I know most of the mods here actively help users and I don't want to become a human Vorlon spambot forcing the mods becoming administrators instead of the super-helpers that they are today...

:open_mouth: :innocent:

Note 1: Yes, I asked @nikgnomic privately if he could update his last answer to me with a few additional things I found first before posting a self-answer and then still mentioned him in the answer. :innocent:

When I see posts like that I usually send the user a note asking them (politely) to share their solution with the community instead of deleting it.

Something like this:
I saw that you deleted your question in thislinkedthread. If you had that question, chances are other people have the same question and it would be helpful to the community if you could follow-up with how you solved it instead of removing your post.

Unfortunately, the issue is that many people feel embarrassed when they ask a question they don't know the answer to. From my perspective, this is silly because we all have to start somewhere and learn from there.

Feel free to flag them but the question we will have to answer as moderators is do questions with no responses add any value to the forum. On the other hand, if there is an active thread and someone deletes all their posts within that thread the likelihood of those posts being restored is much higher.


i started doing that too and have positive results with that, but then forgot to accept your answer as solution.


Fixed that today!


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