Fixing notification color issue in Arc/Arc-Maia theme in Gnome 3.24



I saw this topic, which is closed automatically after 30 days, so I created a new one.

Finally I found a way to solve this.
it’s better to make a child theme based on the installed main theme. because we must change something in the core files. so we make a child theme, to avoid editing the core files.

  1. make these folder structures and a css file like this:


  1. then add these lines to this file:

@import url("/usr/share/themes/Arc-Maia/gnome-shell/gnome-shell.css");

.message-title {
color: #5c616c; }
.message-content {
color: #5c616c; }

I assume that your Arc-Maia theme which is installed as a package, is under /usr/share/themes/Arc-Maia/
If you installed your theme in a different location, you should change the @import line location.
3. after that, restart Gnome, and run gnome-tweaks, then choose Arc-Maia-Modified for the shell part.

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