Fixing missing tray icons in Plasma 5.10

This is not a question but a how-to as I figure that somebody else might encounter this bug as well.


Despite not updating anything or fiddling with any settings, all tray icons (not being plasma-applets) disappeared between a reboot. Icons like the network or audio volume worked just fine. Despite not showing tray icons (for example KeePassXC, Thunderbird, Telegram) those apps where still running but weren’t displayed or accessible in the System Tray.


After some searching I found the solution myself:

  • Remove the package sni-qt including its settings with
    sudo pacman -Rn sni-qt
  • and reinstall that package with
    sudo pacman -S sni-qt
  • Reboot and the icons should have reappeard again.

The credit goes here:

Potentially relevant info:

  • sni-qt 0.2.6-4
  • plasma-desktop 5.10.1-1
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But sni-qt is a qt4 app and qt4 died some time ago, so I would rather not install it: :stuck_out_tongue:

Basicly I’m missing icons the the tray for all my gtk2 apps.
Wire, Discord and Deluge or the ones that come to mind.

Well, the KDE version has it installed by default and it’s working for me now after a reinstall. So I’m assuming that updating broke someting.

My kde version does not.

My icons are also back now after the læast stable update.

That’s really weird. I’m referring to the 17.0.2 installation version… which has sni-qt 0.2.6-4 included.

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