Fixed my Pamac AUR problem, may help others.

I could see the AUR repository and search it, yet install always failed. From another post, I found the default directory was /var/tmp/"username". I created the directory, sudo mkdir etc. Selected it in the Pamac preferences, and it still failed. Changed owner to my username. Changed mode to 775 so both root and I had full privileges. It worked. I now have the browser plugin for OBS.

Hopefully this will help others who may be having similar problems

@guinux is this needed?

No the default folder is created automatically with good permissions.

Unfortunately, the directory was not created automatically for me, and it was a simple stock install of the OS.

@guinux: can we revisit this?

I can't check it now because I'm not at home for the next two weeks but it easy to test: remove your build dir and try to build a package.

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