Fix urls for community edition / specific editions

Now all urls are just , so you can't share Official / Community editions pages, or even separate page of each edition had :upside_down_face:

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I will see what i can do.

Meanwhile use this -

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I don't quite understand when you browse a specific edition using the download page you get e.g.

Maybe browser specific?
I'm on Firefox 69.0

Probably it have to do with cookies 69.0 privacy thing

Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) rolls out stronger privacy protections:

  • The default standard setting for this feature now blocks third-party tracking cookies and cryptominers.
  • The optional strict setting blocks fingerprinters as well as the items blocked in the standard setting.

what he means is links are available directly to share.

Same result with Firefox

When you are on the list with community editions - and click the get edition release I get the same page


Have you tried - empty cache - refresh F5

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You have to navigate from the menu to Editions > Community > Openbox 18.0.4 and then click the orange button at the top left (labeled Get Openbox 18.0.4) to get to the page Frede has linked.

Doesn't that work?

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Ok - so the link to the file itself - is not available - because the Confirmation box pops and that button is (probably) a javascript action which cannot be bookmarked.


Yup, that is working, but since it's dynamic site and i guess a lot of users would just want to link to Community release page or directly from new interface...

I's javascript thing with urls, just needs few routing routines, so that url would update to something more sensible then just # when user navigates through this new interface.

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That can be linked, he is referring to share an entire list of editions.

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Here's more clear demo than my english :joy:

So, now when you're navigating url doesn't update to anything sensible, it's always with # in the end, which is a bit of a problem for sharing and all that :slight_smile:

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I understood what you meant 1 time, there is no pages to navigate to since is only one page.

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That's because it does not really link to a page, but a "popup" that has the link to the downloads.

If we can make it do this, it'll be great: #offficial, #community, #32bit, #arm

This way, people can link to them.

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