Fix hybrid driver issue to support dual display

Much as I love Manajaro, I do find it perplexing that it is the first distro I have used that has major issues with dual displays ,compared to other distros that had no issue whatsoever

Have tried getting support over last few months and got nowhere, so am ready to throw the towel in

Unfortunate for something that should be more straightforward i.e if other distros can do it, why not Manjaro?*

What is it supposed to do exactly?
Its not like the options of Gnome or any other desktop environment are somehow gutted.

All I am seeking is that when I connect my laptop to the dock my second monitor is recognised. Did not have a problem with Mint or PC OS Linux which worked fine. This is a real productivity killer at present

OK… but whats the comparison here?
Are you comparing the same DE?
Is the device not recognized at all?
Have you checked TLP?

Is this really a feature request vaguely for ‘better multi display support’ ?
Or is it actually a request for support with your issue ?

The device is not recognised at all in MHWD and hardware, display configuration.

Have tried getting support twice over last few months via old and current forum. They identified some technical issue with hybrid driver.

Sorry I am not technical ; just a user so don’t understand the TLP question. RE DE, are you suggesting it is a KDE issue so if I went say to Kubuntu, I would have same problem.

From my user perspective, I just want to be able to use my second screen as before.

I was wondering if there was some development effort that might address this driver issue, that’s all.

Hope that makes more sense…