Fix font color in software where default colors make text unreadable

Hi all - I have a problem on both my laptop and desktop ( Manjaro with gnome on both ) where the font color in software is bonkers. It could be a very light grey on a white background, rendering it pretty much unreadable. Anyone know how to fix this?

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Um, have you tried a different color theme?

More specifics needed.

That did not work :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes sorry.

How can I show you an image here? If I try to add an image or link to Google Photos it tells me I’m not allowed to share media or links in a post.

No need for pics. Just tell which apps have the problem and whether or not you have changed the default theme to something else, then we can help.

Sure, thank you :slight_smile:
Example software where it happens is WPS Spreadshets in the formula bar for cells, the text is so light gray it’s pretty much unreadable.

I’ve tried switching themes, yes. The software comes with only two options, Light and Dark, but problem is present with both themes.

I have encountered the same problem in WPS Office in my Manjaro GNOME. So far I could not solve the problem.

Wps office seems to be a qt app. Possibly qt4… Have you tried changing the theme in kvantum?

Or the color scheme for Qt-based applications, by way of qt5ct. :wink: