First preview of Manjaro Ellada released



More than a month passed and it seemed to be a little calm around Manjaro Linux. Behind the curtain however we worked hard to get ready for our next stable release we will call Ellada.

Overall changes

Our KDE edition gained Plasma 5.7, Framework 5.24 and Apps 16.04. We struggled much with QT 5.7, which changed the handling of GTK theming, however this we were able to solve more or less. Our Manjaro Settings Manager gained some apperance fixes for low resolutions and updated translations. Within Pamac we fixed some smaller issues, updated drivers, kernels and regular packages.


Our graphical installer comes now in version v2.3 which adds End2End luks encryption. Also following changes are to mention:

  • A long standing and hard to debug issue with occasional unwanted resize operations being executed got fixed
  • A partitioning module configuration option for showing partition labels in the manual partitioning interface got added
  • support for NVME devices in fstab got improved
  • mke2fs and e2fsck handling, which fixes a multitude of random (but not very frequent) install failures got much improved
  • A type to search support in the keyboard module got implemented
  • A partitioning module configuration option for selecting the default filesystem type got added
  • Countless other bug fixes

As we now managed to get our SSL certificates and the main homepage is back online, we need the community to help us out with our Beginners Guide, as we strongly need a new section which describes how to use Calamares for installing Manjaro in different situtations as our graphical installer supports now.

Please test also this release thru and thru and give us needed feedback.

kind regards

Philip Müller and the Manjaro Development Team


Ready to install Manjaro, but
Is Manjaro still alive & well? Seems so but just checking :-)

[quote=“philm, post:1, topic:6254”]
[/quote]where does the name come from

also in 2016-07-23 testing

i assume it is going to change in the next update


I suspect it’s a country name :sunglasses:
Ελλάδα is the native name of Greece.
It could be because it’s a summer edition!


why Greece ! :joy:


cause :confused:


Ellada pronunciation.

Thank you Development Team.


Thank you team I ll try ASAP.


Is there any schedule available for this release? Version number indicates that it can be expected on August. Is it so?


Is there anyway we can avoid this?


“when it is ready”, but the indication is usually accurate.

Maybe because we have so nice Greek users who always post in Testing announcements like @kouros17, who also posts very beautiful screenshots.


Thanks a lot eugen-b! :grinning:


Does this release supporting the new AMD RX 480?


[quote=“Foxel, post:12, topic:6254, full:true”]
Does this release supporting the new AMD RX 480?
[/quote]Yup (16.06.1 can also support it with some work)


Good job, looks good.
Sadly, still does not boot on my laptop, a MSI GS60-6QE Pro 4K with Intel Core i7 6700HQ and Nvidia GTX 970M.
Hopefully, I kept my old MSI laptop so I have Manjaro somewhere.

Kernel parameters to boot on Skylake i7-6700HQ laptop
"a start job is running for LiveMedia MHWD Script" and that is where i get stuck

@gohlip: I don’t know what security settings you have enabled on your firefox. Go to the sourceforge page directly and check if you get the files from there somehow. Also check the signature or checksums after download.


ok i tryed this release with the net installer and i installed the kernel 4.7.rc7

now i get this error:

The GPU is the 8gb vram version from Sapphire (RX 480)


what happens after timer finishes counting?


While having such anissue might be stopping inexperienced users it seems to be a rare issue. However using wget to download usually works fine

wget '' wget ''
You can append ?use_mirror=netclogne (or your mirror of choice) to the URL. (But you probably know it, so this is information for those who don’t know.)


@kainonergon After 1:30 the timeout was increesed to 3.00 and 4.30 …
after 5 minutes my monitor lost signal and i was unable to bring it back with keyboard inputs.


Well, if you read the error message you might have noticed that the firmware for your graphic card is outdated. Simply put, the AMDGPU driver won’t work with it like this.