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First experience with Manjaro, using arm version on the rpi3. I just spent 15 minutes going through the forums, wiki, instructions and google to figure out the default login. Good lord, if you don’t know enough to post the default login information clearly with your instructions, why are you even in the business?


Welcome to Manjaro.
I am very sorry you wasted 15 min from your life for no reason.
Out of curiosity, what would you have been doing with these 15 more minutes?
Has the world lost a great opportunity for something special? :joy:


generally speaking the defaults are manjaro and manjaro


haha. Funny response but I guess you missed the entire point, my time is only valuable to me.

But being able to log in to a new system is important to a new user experience. One could argue, it’s almost critical. Just trying to help.
Anyway, I wanted to setup my wifi so I clicked on Preferences/Network Connections and nothing comes up. Nothing at all. Two strikes and I’m out, I don’t need to wait for three.
Enjoy your distro.


We will, bless your little heart. :wink:


try with

inxi -full -v 8 


So now, someone has to say the last word to end the topic.


@petsam I wanted to end it on this. :grin: Marking as Solution.



While you are correct that the default username and password is not written in our Wiki, we do use the defaults just like Arch Linux ARM and other ARM distros do, which is the username of the distro, in this case manjaro, with a matching password to follow, in this case manjaro.

I will edit the Wiki to include this info. Thanks for pointing it out.

The root users password is also root, like on every other ARM distro.


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