First load of Manjaro Cinnamon

Well the Darter Pro has got Manjaro installed and there have been a few glitches for some unknown reason. However, I have also installed Manjaro, deleted Manjaro, installed Fedora, deleted Fedora, re-installed Manjaro, deleted Manjaro, installed Mageia (disaster), deleted Mageia, re-re-Installed Manjaro Cinnamon. Tried to install the 5.14 kernel, would not install for some reason, so I manually deleted the 5.13 and installed 5.14 and it finally worked. Nice clean Cinnamon interface on the Darter Pro. Coreboot is not causing known problems (yet). I feel a moderate sense of accomplishment.


:+1: Thank you for sharing! :+1:

You seem to be new to Linux, so please read this:


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HA! No kidding, I remember those days. Just as soon as I get some free time (I have a weeks vacation coming up the first week of October), I plan on having a Linux fest. I spent this weekend when my daughter came home from college updating and troubleshooting her laptops. Yes, she has two, hers and my old Linux HP that I put windows back on as the family emergency laptop but since it is a 13.3" Spectre x360 and light, she carries it to class and her 15.6 laptop sits on her desk. “Daaaaaadddddyyyy, the big laptop hurts my back to carry it around, can I pleeeeeeaaase have the small one for classes since you want me to get good grades…” sigh

Great tutorial, I am still confused by the lack of “sudo” for Pamac, I mean how does it know to be root? But I love the easy steps to learning. I was always told that the Arch/Manjaro people were really helpful, and I find that to be true.

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It elevates itself.

Follow the second part of this tutorial and it’ll become clearer:

Arch people? Friendly??? Wow, you’ve been lucky, because normally they’re a bunch of elitist pricks…


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