First-boot update prompt


As someone new to Manjaro I would like to say thanks to the devs for making it the easiest version of Linux I have tried thus far to get things working. Having said that, there is one thing that I have seen which could be made easier for Linux noobs coming to the system. That is the initial updating routine with pacman.

While I suspect that there is already a way around this in the CLI, it was not apparent to me when I first booted up (I am a Windows user trying out Manjaro so what seems obvious to an experienced Linux user will probably not be so for me). I was able to find a guide on things to do when I first booted which took me to the whole pacman command line thing.

I just think that for new users, Windows users especially (who mostly will have never even used a text based command, let alone have an understanding of Linux script) it would be more user friendly to add the script to an on desktop shortcut marked 'Run this for initial update' or words to this effect.


What was the error on the first Pacman update?

I think Pamac (the GUI updater) has a script that updates the mirrorlists regularly as a systemd timer.
And updating through Pamac is easy. Very easy.

But since you are using KDE, you would probably have Octopi out of the box, which does not have such a script. So that requires manual work.
Thank god Pamac-QT is being made. :slight_smile:

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The update notification icon should take you directly to whichever package manager front-end is installed and let you update from there.

Updating with pacman "shouldn't" be necessary (even if a number of people use it instead of the GUI tools).

I believe this is also covered in the User Guide which is on the desktop of every new installation.

Trying to include all "new user" and "first-run" guidance possible will likely end up reimplementing the User Guide. The existence of the forum and wiki also mitigate this - and any source of information relies on people reading information and adapting to how Linux isn't Windows as opposed to trying to use Linux in the same way as Windows.

The update notifier sitting in the system tray is pretty explicit. It's part of learning the DE.

See? You didn't need an extra notifier anyway! :wink:

Coming from Windows to Linux can and usually is somewhat jarring for most newcomers. However, that is usually mitigated after a bit of exploration and, as @jonathon points out; there are a number of ways and way-points for the new user to gain more experience, hence more comfort, in a--any--Linux environment.

That said, Manjaro may be a more "hands on" type of distribution, given its nearness to the edge, than many other distros. That's all on you.

Welcome to Manjaro Linux! It won't eat your firstborn. :smiley:

Well, you learned how to use pacman! Knowledge of how to use your package manager will definitely help you in the future! For future reference, manjaro does provide some really nice tools that update your system for you. Pamac is the main one.