Firewall Blocking Rygel

Trying to setup Media Sharing, I have allowed UDP 1900 and TCP 8200, but can’t access the shares with Fire TV or an Android TV Box. With the firewall turned off, I can access them. This is with UFW. Tried Firewalld as well, same issue. This is only happening with Arch distros. Tried Debian and Fedora, with the firewall on, can see the shares.

Turn fw off, make it work, and post:

ss -tuanp | grep rygel  # or whatever the name is

Or just disable your firewall altogher. Which services are you blocking?

This is a configuration issue which will likely not be solved by changing firewalls. Perhaps some of these links will be beneficial:


Maybe the following will be of some help, particularly the configuration and troubleshooting sections: