Firefox zeroday exploited. Fix in 72.0.1 (or ESR 68.4.1)

Zero day exploit in all but new updates. It allow attackers to take control of users' computers.

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All branches are on 72.0.1 :wink:


It just crazy to see Firefox with a code red security issue like this.

It happens. And it was fixed pretty promptly.
See other 'red' events:

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We already have 72.0.1 on all branches since days..

Also already posted:

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Oh, okay had not checked my version thanks :slight_smile:

Many browsers have to patch "code red" security issues. It's not abnormal, it comes up when people find and report vulnerabilities. Firefox just actually reports these fixes to the public, unlike some other browsers who just says "bug fixes" in their updates.

As a side, how is that picture-in-picture?

Pour moi......sweet! :nerd_face:

Good that i have noscript extension configured with white listening only what i'm really need.

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