Firefox, won't let anything open on top of it

When I hit the hot key, it doesn’t pop up on top of firefox anymore. It is still there, but i have to shrink firefox. No idea what happened, did not do a thing? When I try to drag it over FF it just goes behind it, I have nothing that should make firefox “always on top”

Hi @Edward78,

I have NO idea about Mate, but in KDE a window can be set to always be on top. Perhaps it’s something similar. Sure sounds like it.

I figured it out, tried to delete topic, said it couldn’t because of a error… Just wish there was a qt Mate. so all apps would go dark under dark mode .Anyway I tried KDE & most resolutions were squashed to 1/3 midscreen, but still went all the wy across, weird. It was the generic driver, but that same driver, no issues with Mate.

Well don’t tell anyone the solution. :grin:

If you want a QT based DE use KDE.

Why don’t you actually try taking part in one of the threads you’ve opened about this issue?

We’re still waiting for you to reply with useful information… :headstone: