Firefox windows disappearing

Firefox tabs, when minimized, disappear. If I hover over the virtual desktop widget, it says how many minimized windows there are for each desktop, but I cannot access them, they are just live in the background.

I created a new panel at the top of the screen and moved some things around if it’s relevant.

Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advanced.

So you can still see the windows/tabs active? But on another virtual desktop ?

So … are you moving or creating in one desktop and switching to another ?

Have you tried … switching virtual desktops?
(and/or checked anything like settings or shortcuts for ‘send window to another virtual desktop’)

Hey thanks for the response.

Yea so I fixed it. I had deleted the panel where windows minimize to, and replaced it with another panel, which would not show minimized windows.

edit- I returned the desktop to default settings and checked each thing before changing panels.

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