Firefox Website Adjusts Mic Gain?

A certain website (Voicethread: for school) adjusts my microphone gain without me wanting it to, and my audio keeps coming out scratchy.

Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

Check your permission settings in Firefox for microphone.

suggest you go to Advanced Preferences about:config in Firefox and turn off these settings:

Firefox/Tweaks - Disable WebRTC audio post processing | ArchWiki
To disable audio post processing, change the value of the following preferences to false :

  • media.getusermedia.aec_enabled (Acoustic Echo Cancellation)
  • media.getusermedia.agc_enabled (Automatic Gain Control)
  • media.getusermedia.noise_enabled (Noise suppression)
  • media.getusermedia.hpf_enabled (High-pass filter)

Wow, I said firefox instead of Brave (a chromium distribution) RIP.

I did it on firefox though and it worked! :smile:

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brave probably does a lot more you dont want it to :wink:

Yeah, Iā€™m going to use Firefox for those tasks.

I just use Brave for seperation of tasks usually.

I mean like creating a digital fingerprint/profile and siphoning that to ad companies.
Or poisoning your links. Or injecting into your referrer headers. Or ā€¦

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