Firefox UI was lagging upon packet loss on 2021 Manjaro with XFCE

there was packet loss on the proxy server i am using (maybe was the first time this happened for the months period), after restarting the proxy, no longer loss of packets.

But within the packet loss period (ping shown 30%-50% packet loss) the Firefox 87.0 64b interface, tabs was extremely slow and then not responding. I mean address bar shown address changing, there are animations moving mouse on tabs, but the website window still shows old tab website, bookmarks toolbar button does not react, Firefox main menu does not open. And then after i fixed packet loss, FF was still not responding for maybe 2 minutes, then the website played the sound of network reconnect and all queued click operations was processed quickly all at once. and interface works. So it is reproducible on my end. Like this:

enable loss: sudo tc qdisc add dev eth0 root netem loss 70%
disable loss: sudo tc qdisc delete dev eth0 root netem loss 70%
(replace eth0 by your net interface returned by “ip a” command. In my case i used my proxy special interface, on my main interface it not worked)

FF bug report

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