Firefox/Thunderbird with Unity patches for global menu support in Plasma



Currently the only place where Plasma global menu works on Firefox and Thunderbird are Ubuntu based systems because of the used unity patches (or maybe this is a one patch?). Because Plasma devs decided to go with that, this means that they have no idea for general solution so far and if it comes, it won’t be anytime soon.

My question is, is it possible to implement those patches into FF/TB on Manjaro? I suspect that FF/TB are not taken from Arch directly and must be compiled anyway so why not do it with those patches?

Manjaro would be the first non-Ubuntu based distro with that feature so Manjaro KDE release would be even more polished and allow it to stand out as one of the best Plasma versions out there (it’s already is tone of he best Plasma releases IMO but it could be even better ;P).

Is it doable and possible to implement or is that too much trouble?

[Firefox] firefox-kde repository -- EOL, no support anymore

Actually, our Firefox and Thunderbird versions do indeed come from upstream, we only repackage them after swapping out the branding files. Compiling FF & TB from source takes up way too much time and resources on our build servers, thus it was decided not compile these ourselves. This is why we also no longer ship the plasma patched (-kde) packages since December of last year. If you require the plasma patched versions these are available from the AUR, but keep in mind they will both take a very long time to compile. As far as the unity patches, it’s still not clear if these will work on non-ubuntu based systems.


Currently we don’t even repack them anymore. We found a way to exchange those files on the fly with alpm-hooks. But yes, compiling those packages will take a lot of energy and CPU power to have them compiled in a decent timeframe.


I didn’t realize that hooks were now bieng used for this, but then I haven’t really looked at those paticular PKBUILD files in quite some time now. Anyway, back to binge watching my Buck Rogers in the 25th century collection. :wink:


So that means no for now. Hopefully someone will figure out of that works and make some additional AUR packages or maybe I will ask the KDE version maintainer to try to play with it so maybe KDE version can come with it. As far I remember he compiles it anyway, but only FF.