Firefox / Thunderbird: Gnome titlebar in Plasma session

Out of curiosity I booted up the latest Manjaro KDE iso in Virtualbox. I was surprised to see that even under the Plasma session, I get the GTK titlebar by default. Although my preference may alternate, I might prefer this as it’s the only way to get tabs in the titlebar for space efficiency. Was wondering which setting controls it so I can choose whether to use the Qt or GTK titlebar.

This is what it looks like in my VM, and KDE plasma… compared to my normal desktop:

This is an option in Firefox, but this is also the DEFAULT so why do you have a title bar I don’t know.
(//EDIT: maybe it is the menu bar that is hidden by default, not sure, whatever…)

Right click next to a tab and select Customize Toolbar, then un-tick Title Bar at bottom left.
No title bar, and no menu, you have the result in first image.

PS: Firefox being a GTK app, I don’t know what you’re talking about for the QT title bar.

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Ahhh, so simple! Thanks: I must have enabled it either on purpose or by mistake at some point, now that fixes it.

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