Firefox: Tabs Under URL bar

I have been searching how to do this since Pahvo first came out.
I must not be searching for the correct terms, as I cannot find any information about this.

Only on Manjaro Pahvo, firefox has the URL bar above the tabs.
Every other distro that I have (and Mac, and Windows) has the URL bar under the tabs and the tabs are placed in the title bar.

Is there a setting that Manjaro has changed to make the tabs display under the URL bar?


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It’s firefox-gnome-theme-maia. If you don’t like it, check out out Gnome native firefox theme in Layout Switcher.
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Layouts > Layout Switcher > Settings > Gnome native firefox theme > Click Off.

Thanks for this. This setting seems to be bugged. No matter the disposition when Layout Switcher is closed (either on or off), the next opening of Layout Switcher shows this setting to be on again. Even if the behavior of firefox makes it seem like it is off.

I turned it off, and Firefox looks stock again, so thanks for this. So to turn it on again, I would have to turn this setting from on to off, and then back on to get the OS to think it is on.

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