Firefox renders many elements with the background on top

I updated to firefox 82 a couple weeks ago, and this problem came up. The webpage background pops in front of the top half of many elements, including the whole screen, in almost every webpage. This looks like a gray bar covering half of the screen. Gray, because of my firefox theme, in private mode, where the background is purple, the bar covering half the screen is purple. Some elements like videos and GIFs have the same problem. This does not happen to picture in picture videos. or elements on the bottom of the page. The inspector does not render, so I’m not able to see the HTML code, but when I do open the inspector the gray bar disappears for around 10 seconds.

I originally reported this as a firefox bug, since it seems to not be a rendering problem, but something about the layout of the html elements, for example the z-index. I haven’t had any response after more than a week, which makes me think nobody else there has the problem. This is big enough of a problem that it renders my browser useless. I did see that there is a post on FF 82 having render problems (I cannot include links due to discourses rules but : forum.manjaro[dot]org/t/firefox-82-has-fuzzy-fonts/33456) and screen tearing (forum.manjaro[dot]org/t/screen-tearing-in-firefox-fullscreen-youtube-videos/29758/10) I just learned about this concept, and it turns out my FF has had it always when scrolling.

I’m thinking now that it could be a problem with the nvidia drivers, and the latest updates.

This is a Manjaro Linux x86_64, kernel 5.8.16-2-MANJARO
16 gb ram, intel i7-8700k
CUDA Version: 11.1
Firefox 82.0.2, consuming ~650Mb of ram.

If anyone has any idea what this could be I’d be thankful to hear suggestions.

I noticed the exact same issue with firefox 82.0.2. Thought I was the only one since nobody else confirmed it in the testing branch thread. I downgraded to 82.0.0 which doesn’t have this problem.

I’m using an AMD GPU, so probably an issue with firefox itself.