Firefox problem

After the latest update of Firefox has all YouTube videos are loosing colours. I changed screens but the problem remains. If I use the default video player, any video, -no problem! Is this a Firefox bug?

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Hi @Darkside, and welcome!

It might well be, especially considering you are using the Testing branch.

It would be better if you add the reply to the Testing Branch #announcements:testing-updates thread, I think.

Thanks. I am new here hence lack of rutins. I shouldn’t be in Testing…

It’s that way in your profile:

Firefox 106.0.2 here and video colors are fine for me.

Maybe it’s GPU driver issue? (I’m on AMD graphics)

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Firefox 106.0.2 here too and on RP4. Before update everything was working. It must be Firefox because a video player shows the right colours,

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Youtube Videos in Firefox 106.0.2 on my AMD (GPU) Laptop runs fine and also on my Nvidia (GPU) PC.

They losing colours after time?

No it is from start and constantly.
But I solved the problem… :grinning:
reinstalled the previous version of Firefox and now good as new. Thanks for your thoughts.

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I also had a problem with the new update of Firefox, but in my case the Browser was not working at all. It wouldn’t start up. The application seems to be running but you don’t have the main window. So, there no way to use the software. The best solution for now is to roll it back to the previous version.

I am agree with you and I just did that. The previous version of Firefox is working.

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