Firefox issues on GNOME


I have installed Manjaro two weeks ago and I didn’t have any issues with it except for Firefox. For some odd reason, after alt tabbing out and in to the browser the behavior completely breaks. It is random how often I have to alt tab until this issue occurs.

The following happens:

  • The cursor doesn’t react on hover events
  • Selecting text is very choppy (it only selects when I release the button)
  • Moving the window around using Firefox’s title bar does not work
  • Resizing does not resize the instance, only the window itself

I am using the official GNOME ISO, running 21.3.6, with AMD GPU drivers. I tested it in Firefox v103 and v104.

Hi @thaumic :wink:

Most likely it is because of wayland, switch to xorg and see if this issue is gone. (On the login screen bottom right)

It seems like Wayland indeed is the issue, but changing to Xorg is not something I want to do. I unfortunately only have this exact issue on Manjaro for some reason. I feel like there is some wrong configuration or similiar. Is there any other possibility to why this might be happening?

As I know Firefox uses xorg by default, so xwayland in that case. Maybe that helps:

Seems like launching Firefox with the variable MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 set fixes the issues. At least in the past few hours, I haven’t noticed these issues.

I do wonder if other distributions set that variable for you by default, hence I only had the issue on Manjaro. But, I will see how it goes. For now it works fine. Thank you so much for bringing the Arch Wiki up.

Edit: They probably do, my Fedora install defaults to wayland as Window Protocol, instead of xwayland.

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