Firefox got downgraded to 92 in last update

I got the following messages during the last update:

Warnung: firefox: Lokale Version (93.0-0.1) ist neuer als extra (92.0.1-1)
Warnung: firefox-i18n-de: Lokale Version (93.0-1) ist neuer als extra (92.0.1-1)
Warnung: firefox-i18n-en-us: Lokale Version (93.0-1) ist neuer als extra (92.0.1-1)
Warnung: zsh-theme-powerlevel10k: Lokale Version (1.15.0+66+g3e515a7-1) ist neuer als community (1.15.0-2)

Otherwise, the update went through well.

Just updated as usual. Got a new install of Manjaro KDE.

A few days ago Firefox 93.0 got pushed and I installed it. Now with this update it got downgraded to 92.0.
Now Firefox wants me to use a different profile, because it doesn’s support downgrading.

Seems I oversaw that @Yochanan had pushed an overlay.

Let me know if that fixes it.

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Yes it does. Thx!

And what do we do with it now (firefox)?

Update Firefox and it will work again, just as before the “oopsie”.

Firefox was not downgraded in the update, I still have v93, but therefore these the warnings are still there.

As always: you have to wait until your mirror syncs…


thx @freggel.doe

And you can see it at

Can everyone in this conversation whose issue was solved go back to the update post and click Show votes and vote again so we know how many people are still having any issues, please?


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