Firefox doesn't work... sometimes

Thanks for the suggestion - but I got to the point where I just want things to work - which the snap version does…

Great information, vey comprehensive and easy to understand.

seems like using amdgpu instead of the radeon driver fixed this issue for me, neet to do some testing. I have pre-gcn3 gpu so the support is experimental and has to be enabled in modprobe (and also kernel while builing it, but arch come with the required options enabled, idk about manjaro).
If it breaks I’ll switch back to ESR

If anyone’s interested:

still working perfectly (firefox 110)

i think it’s a bug in one of: mesa, radeon, firefox.
Probably mess bug which only occurs eith radeon gpus.

Yep, I can absolutely confirm that the issue is only present on the radeon driver and amdgpu is not affected! Should I close this then?

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