Firefox crashing in reboot


Whenever I restart the system (XFCE), if Firefox is running it throws an error and when it comes back it has opened a tab with the url: “file://home/user/u”

Does anyone know what happens?

For whatever reason firefox isn’t able to shutdown properly when you reboot.
Perhaps it’s asking a question (like “really close a window with multiple tabs?”) and waiting for user response when it gets killed for taking too long to terminate.
I always close my open programs before reboot/shutdown to avoid such problems.


that very good practice :+1:

I’m a programmer and if I tell my client that it fails because the user doesn’t do it right … I’m fired. Your answer is ridiculous, if you do not know why it fails better save the philosophical answer.

I sent the error log to Firefox and in the last updates they have solved it.

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