Firefox causes full system freeze

This has been occurring on one of my machines for the better part of the year. If I run firefox, the entire machine will lock up at some point. It could take minutes or it could take hours, but it will lock to the point of needing to hold the power button to shut down.

It seems more common when videos are being run, which makes me feel like it may be video driver related (It's an Ati graphics card).

Other browsers work just fine.

I've tried multiple different flavors of Linux, and it only happens in Manjaro. I've also tried multiple kernel versions.

inxi -Fxxxza --no-host

is a good place to start.


I had ff issues on gnome. It was because gnome was running Wayland but ff was configured for X11. The arch wiki on ff sorted me out.

For me, it even does it on the live disc.

The Wayland / X11 mismatch ships by default

Why on earth would they do that?

I just had the same issue by using a mint cinnamon live disc as well.

Is wayland the default session in gnome now?
Cuz everywhere else its still X .. so I dont think its that crazy that FF expects X

This wiki? I can't find anything relevant in there:

Probably something like this:

So according to about:support in firefox (v69), The User Agent is X11.

According to inxi -F, I'm running X.Org X11

So that matches up...

You still havent provided system information ...

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