Firefox cant remember passwords at all



So there’s that at the title but there’s more:
I just migrated from a W10 install and Manjaro is working great. Migrated my profile folder successfully but firefox cant:

  1. read any logins/passwords from my profile, even when the needed files (key4.db and logins.json) are in place
  2. save any new passwords on top of it.
  3. make any new passwords file.

The thing is, this is not the 1st time that I migrate this profile (I think is over 10 years old already) but its the 1st time this happens.
The kicker of the problem is that everything else (and I mean everything: bookmarks, tabs, extensions, scripts and even site-specific settings) were migrated perfectly.

Tested both regular firefox build and -kde-opensuse, still nothing.


Well, I guess that you use Firefox Sync? Considering my experiences with several changes my passwords, bookmarks, plugins etc. have been migrated perfectly. Even new sites or new passwords can be saved on Firefox.

I’m using KDE.


have you considered just using a password manager extension like lastpass, there are many others also


I’m not. I’m copying the whole profile folder between installations (and like I said, I’ve been doing this for a damn long time)
Sync has problems with tab groups since they became an extension instead of part of the browser so it’s out of the question.

I’m not comfortable with online extension managers. Definitely no-go.


Well, TBH it’s to much work doing it every time. Sync has no problems which you’ve listed up. I only can share my personal experience with Sync and I have synced it without problems.


you know firefox sync does the same thing right? not all of them store passwords online and instead keep it encrypted locally. there are some threads where this is discussed here on the forum, heres a recent one