Firefox beta dependency (nss)

I tried to install Firefox Beta from the AUR and it halted due to a package called nss (network security services) not being >3.60. Looks like in the AUR I can download nss and it will satisfy this requirement. However, I want to avoid pulling all kinds of things from the AUR unless it’s needed.

Is anyone else having the issue? Do most people just pull nss from the AUR and not the core repos? And I’m wondering is this just an issue with update cadence and will this break in the future with how often FF Beta is updated?

Update your system first. NSS 3.60.1 is in stable branch.

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I did a few minutes prior. This is the output I’m getting when trying to build:

0:05.03 checking for nss >= 3.61... no
0:05.03 ERROR: Package dependency requirement 'nss >= 3.61' could not be satisfied.
0:05.03 ERROR: Package 'nss' has version '3.60.1', required version is '>= 3.61'
Config object not found by mach.
Error running mach:

NSS in the AUR is at 3.61. So I’m wondering if this will always cause an issue or if it’s just on build. And if it’s just on build, is this rare or does everyone usually pull NSS from the AUR.

AUR packages are usually depending on Arch stable packages. Arch Stable packages are usually a couple of weeks delayed in Manjaro.

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Then you need to use either Manjaro testing or unstable, or install Arch.

Image taken from on Feb 7, 2021:

This makes sense. For certain AUR packages there will always be a cadence issue with Manjaro stable I take it?

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