Firefox and passwords

The latest version of Firefox will not allow me to save my new passwords. Other distros do not have this problem. Manjaro will allow me to save the passwords if I am logged in as ‘root’. I think my user rights might be the problem. Fun to be back.

Hi there,
could you describe the problem in a bit more detail?
For example what desktop environment/window manager do you use?
Also where exactly does the problem emerge? Does it happen when you want to save a password after login or does the window not even show up? Or do they just not persist after a restart?

In general:

  • In my manjaro installation, firefox saves all user data in a .mozilla in the home folder so permissions might not be the problem
  • i found this support entry on the mozilla site for the password manager. Maybe you have to alter the settings under about:preferences --> Privacy & Security --> Logins and Passwords

hope this is helpful

I run pure KDE on Manjaro. I have read that bit from mozilla. for me it does not work. I cannot check the first box under Preferences-Log in and Passwords, it is grayed out. On other distros, I do not have this problem.

Sorry - I’m using Manjaro with Firefox and that’s not greyed out. I’m guessing there must be some permissions problem…
Try starting firefox -p and create a new profile to test it.

I got tired of fighting with browsers over passwords. A good password manager got rid of my problems.

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