Firefox always slow at the beginning

With slow, i mean that dont go anywhere. The app opens perfectly fine, quickly, but dont go anywhere. I put and nothing (keep thinking and “thinking”) if i try a ping from terminal, i already have internet, also open chromium and also working… but i like firefox… what happens here!?

It’s probably one of your browser extensions that causes you trouble. Try disabling them and then, if everything works, re-enabling them one by one to find out which is the problematic one.

with all the settings that are suspicious and bloathing firefox and also undermining your privacy it is hard to say what slows down . a good alternative is to use abrowser instead. this is a firefox-clone with a way less bad settings. setting-up firefox and clearing all the “opt-in/out” settings became a pain in the ass nowadays. abrowser is the perfect alternative imho. you can install it from the packet-manager.