Firefox add-ons

The homepage of Firefox on the PinePhone indicates that it is the desktop version and suggest to install add-ons from the official website from Mozilla.
It actually suggest uBlock Origin, but I could not install this or any another add-on.

What add-ons are supported for this Firefox version?

Unfortunatly the desktop and mobile versions of firefox are not the same.
(Th GUI is different which can be noticed very easy)

So no matter if your startup page suggest it’s the desktop version, you have a phone so it is a Mobile version.
The mobile version uses different addons, and not many are listed as being compatible with mobile yet.
Maybe it will change in future but that’s my experience with the mobile version…

PS: On my desktop i prefer to use uMatrix instead of uBlock origin…

I don’t think thats right. What you say is true for android but not for pinephone. I mean all the issues of getting firefox to fit the screen is because its the desktop version. Firefox doesn’t magically know if it’s a phone or not and Mozilla hasn’t released a mobile version other than for android.

For the record I have installed ublock origin, noscript, decentraleyes, privacy possum, cookie autodelete and useragent switcher. In order to to so I had to change to landscape mode (to see the entire UI) and I used a mouse to speed up the process.

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Also if the development has stopped?

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I think part of the mobile-friendly changes made to the desktop version of Firefox in manjaro on pinephone is setting the user-agent in the browser to that of an android device. That is why on the add-on page’s “add to Firefox” link is grayed-out, with a notice about finding add-ons compatible with android.

Rather than changing the user agent string to make the “Add to Firefox” button available, I was able to install add-ons by tapping the “Download file” link on the Add-on page.

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Besides gorhill is known to be a weirdo, he has done similar things before just to keep people from submitting issues on github, which people replied with a report to github which forced him to open it up again or transfer access…
(Yes hes currently blocked on my account as only one on github)

But nevertheless uMatrix is better as his other stuff…

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Thank you for the suggestion to install add-ons from the downloadable file.

Unlike other solutions, uMatrix provides option to allow third party on a specific domain, not globally everywhere.
For example if primary website use Google reCAPTCHA (unfortunately that is very common), with uMatrix uses can allow necessary access to and script/frame without granting access to or anywhere else.

As far as I know eg NoSript would allow JavaScripts, Flash and other executable content to run anywhere, and uMatrix can be used in combination with other JavaScript add-onds.

If the add-on does not have any additional features and no bugs found, it does not necessary has to be in active development unless a new features are required or bugs need fix.

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