Firefox about:support doesn't open folder

I’m using Firefox 79.0 (64-bit)
about:support has a line labelled “Profile Folder”, with a button “Open Folder” next to it.
When I click this button, Firefox opens VLC (the video player).

VLC keeps trying to open the directory.
When I close the VLC windows, I get a popup telling me that the application is busy, and asking if I want to close it, which I confirm.

How can I tell Firefox to open the directory in the file manager, instead of VLC?
(I reported this bug here, because it’s probably a Manjaro configuration problem, not a Firefox bug)

Refer to: XDG MIME Applications - ArchWiki

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Thanks, I’ve used the MIME Type Editor to change the standard application for “inode/directory” from VLC to Thunar.
No idea why it was set to VLC in the first place, maybe because I opened a VIDEO_TS directory with VLC once.