Firefox 108 theme is a mess

Hmm, OK. So it’s from the community repositories. Mine as well, and they’re the same versions. Albeit mine is thee development edition.

Try running it from the terminal with all themes and extensions disabled:

firefox-developer-edition --safe-mode

here is the version I am using.
not the developer edition and I have not updated via pamac so I did not quite understand what is solution


this does not work I dont have firefox-developer-edition installed. Shall i ? Does it not mess it more

Apparently there was:
I’m not seeing any problems with 108, I’m on unstable though and not using Gnome or manjaro-browser-settings.

That screenshot in your OP sort of explains what you mean. Although it looks fine to me. Right-Click on the toolbar and select Customize toolbar:

I suspect you’ll find what you’re looking for there. I’ve customized mine quite a bit, and this is what the toolbar(s) look like:

Well, I’m using 108.0b9, I’m on Stable and I didn’t have an update since [Stable Update] 2022-12-06 - Kernels, Mesa, Plasma, Cinnamon, Nvidia, LibreOffice, Pipewire, Virtualbox - #61 by iusemanjar0btw


firefox --safe-mode

your have all the tabs at the top visible and it is a standart web browser layout . I tried customize toolbar but i did not see how I can see all tabs open visible at the top. I just want a regular browser layout. Why does it change from update ? I will try your way but I dont think that will help my problem it only brings additional tool to be visible even little selection icon on the right (like a paragraph disappears) these are bugs that was not there before. I dont think it is related to settings

Mozilla changes the default Firefox layout some time ago, so perhaps they had legacy support for a time, which has now passed?


On Gnome there is a special theme applied to firefox.

To use firefox default theme you need to open Layouts → Settings → disable Gnome native firefox theme


this works even better than the previous layout . everything works the way it is .
but how do i achieve this as a regular version

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I suspect look at what @linux-aarhus said. :point_up:

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thank you that worked . awesome …even better than the previous. thanks a lot @linux-aarhus

thank you for all the patience @Mirdarthos and thank you @linux-aarhus
Is the developer edition better . Never tried it.

Pretty much the same. Just have a few extra things that’s handy for web development, is all.

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i will try it someother time. Thank you

Please look into about:config and verify this entry:

layout.css.moz-box-flexbox-emulation.enabled > false

important if you use “aris/CustomCSSforFx/”

which config and where is it ?

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Upstream is aware of the issue:


In Firefox: type about:config into the search-bar
There will be a warning, accept and type
set it to false, and all tabs are normal size again…