Fingerprint sensor vfs495

Hello, new manjaro user here. I have installed manjaro at an HP elitebook 840 G2. Everything works fine except the fingerprint sensor.

I have followed the wiki page of arch linux about the fingerprint-gui and installed the aur package. Also i added my user account at the mentioned groups but again my fingerprint sensor is not recognized.

Is there any way to make it work? the sensor is 138a:003f - Validity Sensors, Inc. VFS495 Fingerprint Reader


I think you you need the fprintd-vfs_proprietary installed along with the aur vfs495-daemon.

can you guide me how to do that? i have just to install these 2 packages? does it need any other config?

edit: when i try to install fprintd-vfs_proprietary it removes the fingerprint-gui. Is that a normal behavior?

I have a different proprietary validity sensor, so I cannot guide you but:

It probaly removes fingerprint gui because it relies on fprintd which is being replaced by the proprietary one. You don’t need fingerprint gui.
I use these commands to enroll fingers without the gui:
[ Enroll, Verify ]

fprintd-enroll -f “right-index-finger” “$USER”

fprintd-verify -f “right-index-finger” “$USER”

fprintd-enroll -f “right-ring-finger” “$USER”

fprintd-verify -f “right-ring-finger” “$USER”



thanks for the info! i got the following error while i am trying to install the fprint vfs : ==> Verifying source file signatures with gpg…
openssl-0.9.8zh.tar.gz … FAILED (unknown public key D5E9E43F7DF9EE8C)
==> ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified!
Failed to build openssl098

is there any way to get a workaround for openssl package?

No idea, you might have to search for an answer

Looking over your issue, did you ever get it to work?

if you need to add the key to get the package added run gpg --recv-key <key>