Fingerprint reader not working properly on system login

Hi! I have encountered with a bit of a problem while trying to configure the fingerprint reader on my Thinkpad X250. After configuration, I’m not prompted for my finger print.. Eventually I did get it to work, but I don’t think it’s the proper way. This is how.

I followed the Arch wiki page on fprint step by step, but that didn’t work.
I did a little research on PAM Service Configuration files
By trial and error, find out that to get it working I had to edit system-login file (/etc/pam.d/system-login) instead of system-local-login. Essentially I just added there the line suggested by the wiki

auth sufficient

I think the problem has to do with PAM stacking, because of the sources for the login application:

login -> system-local-login -> system-login -> system-auth

but I don’t understand really why or how I can solve this other than adding the line to the “higher priority” file (system-login instead of system-local-login). I don’t like this solution because system-login is also used when login via ssh, and possibly in a few other applications, and I really don’t want those to ask me for my fingerprint.

Also, I’m having a known issue where after login with my fingerprint, some password dependent functions are not available (in my case Gnome Keyring).
This is mildly and annoying and the workaround which envolves using a USB is even more anoying so I can live with it, but I’d like to know if there’s something else that can be done to overcome that problem. Thank you for your time!