Finding equivalent software packages


I’m new to Manjaro. I need to install some software, and the developers have said to download the following packages as dependancies:

libvlc-dev libsqlite3-dev libstdc++6

They stated these were for Ubuntu/Debian. What is the best way to find equivalent Manjaro or Arch software packages (should they exist)?

Appreciate any advice.

(For Manjaro KDE, dual boot)

First, what software do you need to install, instead of asking for dependencies.

If you search in Pamac, there is libvlc, sqlite, and gcc I guess.

But this is backward question, the proper thing is to tell what you want to install, not the dependencies.

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Thanks for the response. The software itself is a package developed in house by a yoga school. It includes audio and written files (I realise this may not be helpful but it’s the best I can do).

A more general question, is there a place where Manjaro or Arch packages and their Ubuntu equivalent are listed? For example, where gcc is equated as a possible alternative to libstdc++6?

I’m a recent convert from Windows so still bumbling my way around!

Usually, a package is named equally across distributions, the convention being to use the application/library name as the package name.
In this case – except for libvlc (AUR) – there is no equivalent for those library packages, the libraries being solely included in the relevant software packages. This is why you will likely find the libvlc library in vlc, libsqlite3 in sqlite, and libstdc++6 in gcc.

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Ah yes my bad, libvlc is not in the repositories (didn’t notice when I looked for it, as I have AUR enabled), but yeah in this case install VLC :wink:

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Thanks for the clarification and advice given. I’ll come back if I have further questions.