Find out which package is using a dependency package


when I am updating the system, a AUR package “ceph-libs” takes hours and hours to compile. I’m trying to find out which package has installed this dependency because it was not me by purpose.

I’ve tried the command: pacman -Qi ceph-libs but it only shows me that the package got “Installed as a dependency for another package” but it does not shows me the name of this “other package”. The attributes “required by”, “optional for” etc. are all “None”. Or could this mean this package is not a dependency anymore and I can safely remove it?

I’ve tried to search in this forum as I’m surely not the first one with this issue but seems I’m using the wrong search terms as I did not found a solution.

Hi @vommie,

I think so, yes.

To check for orphan packages,

pamac list --orphans

Any and all packages listed theree I’ve found safe to remove. To remove all orphaned packages:

pamac remove --orphans

I, myself, do this every so often, just to keep things clean.

Hello @Mirdarthos ,

oh yeah, there are a lot of orphan packages, including ceph-libs.

Thank you!

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