Filezilla installed, but missing library

Well, it appears that after installing the most recent updates on the system, after installing Filezilla, I get this error:

filezilla: error while loading shared libraries:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Anyone else having this issue? Or is it just me?

The wording is unclear.
you mean:
update, then installing filezilla ?
or you mean
you installed filezilla, it worked, then after the update it no longer did ?

perhaps it needs to be rebuilt?

Sorry, in this order:

  1. Did system update
  2. Installed Filezilla

I did try reinstalling Filezilla, but it doesn’t seem to matter as trying to run it from the menu, or from the command line.

that library is in wxgtk-common
which is a dependency of filezilla

I just installed it (in a VM running up to date OS) and it works.

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Hmm, looking into it further, it appears Filezilla depends on the wxgtk-common-dev version (or at least something else installed it and counted it as plain wxgtk-common ???).

What I ended up doing was this:
(Using pacman in terminal, the GUI pamac didn’t resolve this very cleanly)

  1. pacman -R wxgtk-common-dev
  2. pacman -S wxgtk-common

Seemed to solve the issue.

According to the Filezilla PKGBUILD, it depends on wxgtk3.
But the Filezilla package has just been marked as out of date.

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